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Fachstelle Bidaya Logo Featured

Fachstelle Bidaya

The word Bidaya comes from Arabic and stands for “(new) beginning” or “beginning”. The Bidaya agency offers people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania who are at risk of religious radicalization or who are already in the process of radicalization, the necessary support for a new start. In this regard, Bidaya offers: – Support in distancing oneself from...

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KONEX Logo Featured


Konex is based in the Ministry of the Interior, Digitisation and Migration. It was established in 2015 as part of the “Special Programme of the State Government to Combat Islamist Terrorism” as a “Centre of Competence for the Coordination of the Prevention Network against (Islamist) Extremism in Baden-Württemberg” (KPEBW). In the meantime, the work of...

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Wegweiser Logo featured


“Wegweiser” is an innovative prevention program of the Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia against extremist Salafism. The program is aimed at young people and young adults who are at risk of slipping into the scene, as well as at relatives, schools, municipal offices and organizations. It advises and accompanies primarily...

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Türkische Gemeinde in Schleswig-Holstein Logo Featured

Türkische Gemeinde in Schleswig-Holstein (Turkish community in Schleswig-Holstein)

TGSH is an NGO to defend rights of Turks within German society. The organization currently conducts a project with the name “Kick-off”. The project has been a model project of prevention and deradicalization in closed prisons and probation in Schleswig-Holstein, which has been funded by the federal program “Live Democracy!” and co-financed by the Ministry...

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PSP-network Featured


Country: Denmark Region / City: Copenhagen Organization Name : PSP-network (PSP = Police, Social Services and Psychiatry) Service Type : Multi-agency approach, Training for first line practitioners, General counseling, Education Brief General Description : The Danish effort in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism (CVE) is primarily organized in the SSP-network. The goal of the SSPnetwork...

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Sons and Daughters of the World Project Featured

Sons and Daughters of the World Project

S&D is not a deradicalization program. The goal is to create awareness with knowledge/ facts and to the point that the various parties (parents, mentors, teachers, socialworkers) get the help they need to stop this from happening. Kort Generel Beskrivelse: S&D er ikke et deradikaliseringsprogram. Målet er at skabe opmærksomhed med viden / fakta og...

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Comunidad Islámica Tayba Logo Featured

Comunidad Islámica Tayba

The Tayba Association is an accessible, creative and innovative organization at the service of Spanish Muslims or residents of Spain, who exercise their representation in different areas. It seeks that these are citizens who know their duties and rights, and are willing to fulfill and demand them. He works so that the members of the...

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COVITE Logo Featured


Founded in 1998 in the Basque Country to combat ETA terrorism through speech, the Collective of Victims of Terrorism, COVITE, is an organization dedicated to the fight against terrorism and the prevention of violent radicalization. Among the victims’ associations in Spain, COVITE is the only one that has the “special consultative status” before the United Nations...

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Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation Logo Featured

Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation

Nested under the Ministry of Justice, the Foundation was created to promote the integration of religious minorities, particularly by funding religious minority federations and communities to strengthen their cultural, educational and social activities, as well as supporting their institutional coordination. Breve descripción general: Anidada bajo el Ministerio de Justicia, la Fundación fue creada para promover...

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Netwerk Islamexperten Logo Featured

Netwerk Islamexperten

In 2015, the Islam Expert Network was created to offer an alternative to radical Islam. As part of this schools would invite, for example, imams or teachers of Islam to speak to pupils, to guide conversations about Islam or to speak to individuals where there is a concern about radicalization, and to teachers to help...

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