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Beratungsstelle Bayern Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Bayern

The Advice Center Bavaria is par of  the Violence Prevention Network. The Advice Center offers: – counseling for relatives in dealing with religious extremism, – advice, support and specific training for young people at risk of radicalization in the run-up to delinquency, – the anti-violence and competence training AKT® in the (juvenile detention) prison for...

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Beratungsstelle KOMPASS Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle KOMPASS – Toleranz statt Extremismus

The Advice Center KOMPASS is part of  the Violence Prevention Network. The focus of the work of the counseling center is on establishing the accessibility of the people at risk, addressing them, establishing a working relationship and concrete de-radicalization work. This work includes: Constant dialogues that encourage questioning and arouse curiosity about new perspectives Recognizing...

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Aktion Neustart Logo featured

Aktion Neustart

  Aktion Neustart offers advice and practical help for anyone who wants to get out of the Islamist scene. The target group encompasses everyone, regardless of whether they are newcomers to the scene or longstanding management members. Its activities include: Confidential advice on the phone (the hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days...

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API Logo featured


The API supports all people who have the will to detach themselves from their Islamist environment and enables them to exit the scene safely and sustainably. The exit is not always easy. The API provides accompany. The organization works with those seeking help to develop a personal plan and in their socioeconomic initiatives such as...

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Bayerisches Netzwerk für Prävention und Deradikalisierung gegen Salafismus

In the Bavarian Network for Prevention and Deradicalization against Salafism, the activities of various partners are linked. Network partners are also two non-governmental organizations: and the Violence Prevention Network (VPN). The services offered include: – Advice for relatives in dealing with religiously based extremism to strengthen the educational presence as well as the ability...

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Beratungsstelle Baden Württemberg Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Baden Württemberg

Since January 2016, the Violence Prevention Network has headed the Baden-Württemberg Advice Centres under the umbrella of the KPEBW (Competence Centre for the Coordination of the Prevention Network against Extremism in Baden-Württemberg). It addresses people with questions in the field of religiously based extremism. The aim is to establish contact with young people at risk...

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Beratungsstelle Bayern Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Bayern (The Advice Center Bavaria)

With its low-threshold approaches, the Advice Center Bavaria first establishes a working relationship with the young people, and then through pedagogical work to bring about the replacement process of extremist groups and the questioning of radical ideological elements. This enables de-radicalization processes. The offers consist of measures of intervention, deradicalization and exit support as well...

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Beratungsstelle Hessenpng Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Hessen – Religiöse Toleranz statt Extremismus

The Hesse Counselling Centre of the Violence Prevention Network addresses young people, parents and professionals with questions in the field of extremism. It offers measures of prevention, qualification and deradicalisation as an answer to the general helplessness in dealing with religiously based extremism. The advice centre promotes the strengthening of tolerance of different world views...

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Beratungsstelle Salam Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Salam gegen islamistische Radikalisierung in Rheinland-Pfalz

The “Advice Center Salam Against Islamist Radicalization” in Rhineland-Palatinate helps to identify and deal with religiously based radicalization, but also to resolve presumption of radicalization that does not apply. The target groups of the advice are people who are on the threshold of radicalization or are already radicalized. She also wants to support her social...

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Denkzeit-Gesellschaft Logo Featured


As a nonprofit freelancer for youth welfare, Denkzeit-Gesellschaft has been developing scientifically sound, effective programs against violence, delinquency and behavioral problems for 17 years, applies them successfully nationwide and trains interested colleagues. Presenting a psychological approach to tackle radicalisation, Blickwechsel is  a psychodynamically well-founded, manualized individual training and aims at the maturation or further development...

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