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Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX)

  The Center for Research on Extremism, C-REX, is a cross-disciplinary center for the study of right-wing extremism, hate crime and political violence. It is a joint collaboration with five of the leading Norwegian institutions on extremism research Kort generell beskrivelse : Senter for forskning på ekstremisme, C-REX, er et tverrfaglig senter for studier av høyreekstremisme, hatkriminalitet og...

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Platform LOGO Featured


Platform is a cross-institutional collaboration between the professional community within the police, municipalities and research that works to prevent radicalization and violent extremism in society. Kort generell beskrivelse : Platform er et tverrinstitusjonelt samarbeid mellom fagmiljøet innen politi, kommuner og forskning som arbeider for å forhindre radikalisering og voldelig ekstremisme i samfunnet. Country: Norway Region...

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Horseed Association Logo Featured

Horseed Association

Horseed Association is an innovative, professional, active, reliable and efficient nonprofit and non-governmental organization, founded by young residents living in Oslo Norway, keen to exploit their competences and to play an active role in the non-profit sector. Kort generell beskrivelse : Horseed Association er en innovativ, profesjonell, aktiv, pålitelig og effektiv ideell og frivillig organisasjon,...

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180 Logo Featured


180 ° Turn  (180 ° -Wende) is an independent NGO based in Cologne, Germany. Since 2012,  180 ° Turn opposes crime, disorientation, religious radicalization and extremist ideologies, but also social isolation and isolation among young people. The goal is to create a “180 degree turn” in their lives for young people who are already in...

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Beratungsnetzwerk Grenzgänger Logo Featured

Beratungsnetzwerk Grenzgänger

The advisory network  for cross-border commuters is an information and advisory center for families, institutions and actors (teachers, social work specialists) who are confronted with the subject of religious extremism. We have been working in cooperation with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) since 2012 and are responsible for the state of North...

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Beratungsstelle Thuringia Logo Featured

Beratungsstelle Thuringia

The Advice Centre Thuringia offers advanced vocational training, coaching and counselling around the topic of islam for multipliers and institutions. The primary goal is to strengthen the competency and abilities of employees in institutions. The Advice Centre Thuringia can help to identify islmophobic reasoning with the aim to find strategies against it. We achieve this...

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Diagnostisch-Therapeutisches Netzwerk Logo Featured

Diagnostisch-Therapeutisches Netzwerk Extremismus (DNE)

The Diagnostic-Therapeutic Network Extremism is a project of the ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur [Centre for Democratic Culture]. The DNE advises the professionals of EXIT -Germany and the counseling center HAYAT, those leaving extremist groups and movements, their relatives and supporters, if there is a need for it. The offers can come in the domains: –...

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Consultation network kitab Logo Featured

Consultation network kitab

The kitab offer is aimed at parents and relatives of adolescents and young adults who are apparently turning to extremist (or also nationalist) Islamist organizations, the adolescents themselves, teachers, social workers and all those who are unsure about such perceptions. The kitab employees can offer ideas for dealing with the situation as well as technical...

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IFK Logo Featured


IFK  is an independent and non-profit non-governmental organization. It supports public and private institutions as well as individual conflict parties in the development of methods that prevent destructive communication problems. In order to keep the diverse social tensions in balance, IFK tries to establish social transition spaces in educational and educational institutions as well as...

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Kompetenzzentrum für Deradikalisierung Logo Featured

Kompetenzzentrum für Deradikalisierung im Bayerischen Landeskriminalamt

In order to counteract possible radicalization in Bavaria, the “Network for Prevention and Deradicalization” was founded. An essential pillar of this network is the “Competence Center for Deradicalization” set up at the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. Our task is, in particular, to coordinate deradicalizing approaches in order to prevent self-and external threats from religiously...

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