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Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX)

  The Center for Research on Extremism, C-REX, is a cross-disciplinary center for the study of right-wing extremism, hate crime and political violence. It is a joint collaboration with five of the leading Norwegian institutions on extremism research Kort generell beskrivelse : Senter for forskning på ekstremisme, C-REX, er et tverrfaglig senter for studier av høyreekstremisme, hatkriminalitet og...

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The Khalifa Ihler Institute Logo Featured

The Khalifa Ihler Institute

The Khalifa Ihler Institute was founded in 2016 by Asma Khalifa and Bjørn Ihler and has grown to be among the leading international organisations shaping global policy and conversations in the fight for peace, liberty and equality. The institute manages and delivers projects, events and workshops to a global audience of engaged activists and supports...

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Violence Prevention Network Logo Featured

Violence Prevention Network

Violence Prevention Network is a network of experienced professionals who have been successfully working for years on the deradicalisation of extremist motivated perpetrators of violence and the prevention of extremism. Different professions and denominations distinguish the female and male members of the team. However, the diversity of the team is not only due to gender...

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Global Analtika Featured

Global Analtika

GA aims at encouraging and strenghtening society in opposing all forms of violence, extremism and other destructive phenomena, thus contributing to the creation of a more positive security environment, which is a prerequisite for Euro-atlantic integration. GA carries out its own scientific research and publish it, empowering civil society via engagement with young people, women...

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Agenfor International Logo featured

Agenfor International

Agenfor International, created in 2016 as an independent branch from the long stablished Agenfor Group, is the International member of non-for profit network Agenfor Group, specialized in participative security. Agenfor International’s goal is to ensure security through a better protection of human rights and socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other...

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Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO) Logo featured

Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO) stop-radicalismos

Tthe Ministry of the Interior launched in early December 2015 a Web page whose objective is to use all the citizen information to limit and act on the recruitment of future Islamist radicals, as well as to fight against jihadist narrative online . Specifically, the page www.stop-radicalismos.esit allows any citizen to communicate anonymously possible situations...

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Ideaborn Logo Featured


The Ideaborn Group is also made up of the Ideaborn company of consultants in the Rule of Law, Peace Building and Good Governance. The Ideaborn Foundation is dedicated to supporting youth violence prevention initiatives, access to justice for minors in conflict with the law, and training and dissemination of human rights and citizenship values. The...

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NOVACT International nstitute for Nonviolent Action Logo Featured

NOVACT International nstitute for Nonviolent Action

NOVACT -The International Institute for Nonviolent Action, promotes international peacebuilding actions in conflict situations. The Institute was born out of the efforts of civil society to contribute to a peaceful, just, dignified and equitable world. With a network of experts and activists in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, NOVACT supports nonviolent...

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ICCT Logo Featured


The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) is an independent think and do tank providing multidisciplinary policy advice and practical, solution-oriented implementation support on prevention and the rule of law, two vital pillars of effective counter-terrorism. Working with academics and think thanks on developing policy relevant knowledge on prevention and rule of law...

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ARQ Nationaal Psychotrauma Centrum LOGO Featured


Impact is the Dutch national knowledge & advice centre for community resilience and psychosocial care concerning critical incidents. We advice Dutch and foreign ministries, local governments and organisations responsible for the psychosocial support and care during and after crisis and disasters and giving them advice in the preparation phase. We do that based on international...

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The Real Jihad


About Us

The Real Jihad challenges you to reconsider militant jihad, providing different perspectives and alternatives for those looking for purpose.