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Consultation network kitab Logo Featured

Consultation network kitab

The kitab offer is aimed at parents and relatives of adolescents and young adults who are apparently turning to extremist (or also nationalist) Islamist organizations, the adolescents themselves, teachers, social workers and all those who are unsure about such perceptions. The kitab employees can offer ideas for dealing with the situation as well as technical...

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Fachstelle Bidaya Logo Featured

Fachstelle Bidaya

The word Bidaya comes from Arabic and stands for “(new) beginning” or “beginning”. The Bidaya agency offers people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania who are at risk of religious radicalization or who are already in the process of radicalization, the necessary support for a new start. In this regard, Bidaya offers: – Support in distancing oneself from...

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IFK Logo Featured


IFK  is an independent and non-profit non-governmental organization. It supports public and private institutions as well as individual conflict parties in the development of methods that prevent destructive communication problems. In order to keep the diverse social tensions in balance, IFK tries to establish social transition spaces in educational and educational institutions as well as...

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Kompetenzzentrum für Deradikalisierung Logo Featured

Kompetenzzentrum für Deradikalisierung im Bayerischen Landeskriminalamt

In order to counteract possible radicalization in Bavaria, the “Network for Prevention and Deradicalization” was founded. An essential pillar of this network is the “Competence Center for Deradicalization” set up at the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. Our task is, in particular, to coordinate deradicalizing approaches in order to prevent self-and external threats from religiously...

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KONEX Logo Featured


Konex is based in the Ministry of the Interior, Digitisation and Migration. It was established in 2015 as part of the “Special Programme of the State Government to Combat Islamist Terrorism” as a “Centre of Competence for the Coordination of the Prevention Network against (Islamist) Extremism in Baden-Württemberg” (KPEBW). In the meantime, the work of...

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VIBIS Logo Featured

VIBIS e. V. Verein für islamische Bildung, Integration und Seelsorge

VIBIS is  an association based in Darmstadt and recognized as a non-profit organization, which has set itself the goal of enabling successful integration of Muslim fellow citizens into society through education and educational work. An integration that does not take place from ‘outside’ but from ‘inside’ . On the one hand, the organization wants to...

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Wegweiser Duisburg Logo Featured

Wegweiser Duisburg

“Wegweiser Duisburg” is the local point of contact for the prevention program “Wegweiser” against violent Salafism. The association LEO e. V. as a local project sponsor, which is financed by the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, offers advice and personal care for those affected and their environment,...

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Wegweiser Bonn (Wegweiser Bonn) Featured

Wegweiser Bonn (Wegweiser Bonn)

The “Wegweiser” program is part of the prevention work against the ideology of violent Salafism. “Wegweiser” is intended to prevent radicalization or counteract incipient radicalization. “Wegweiser” is a contact point for adolescents and young adults, parents and relatives and offers them advice and support. “Wegweiser” is also a contact point for schools, facilities, institutions and...

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Wegweiser Köln Logo Featured

Wegweiser Köln (Wegweiser Cologne)

Wegweiser is an innovative prevention program against violent Salafism and is supported by the Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The program is aimed at adolescents and young adults socialized in Germany who are at risk of becoming radicalized, their relatives and other people seeking advice such as...

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Wegweiser Aachenpng Logo Featured

Wegweiser Aachen (Wegweiser Aachen)

Wegweiser in the Aachen region is a contact point for young people and young adults, parents and relatives, people seeking advice and specialists who need advice and help. The aim is to recognize the radicalization of the predominantly young people at an early stage and to prevent the entry into extremist Salafism. Wegweiser in the...

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