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Step Together is an early intervention helpline and online service to help you, if you know someone that may be headed down the path to violent extremism.


Save the Children is a global child rights organization that has existed since 1919. Call the helpline if you are worried that someone you care about is drawn to a violent, extreme movement or ideology?


The Netherlands based helpline designed to fight radicalization. It is rooted in the vision of the Partnership of Moroccan Dutch (SMN)

A hotline setup to support those in France needing help with deradicalizaiton.
A youth hotline for Muslim youth.
Other Programs


The center is engaged in innovative expertise in the prevention of radicalization leading to violence as well as of hate crimes and incidents, throughout the province of Quebec.


An independent, non-government helpline designed to help prevent violent extremism.

HAYAT (Germany)

Hayat (Turkish and Arabic for “Life“) is the first German counseling program for persons involved in radical Salafist groups or on the path of a violent Jihadist radicalization, including those travelling to Syria and other combat zones. Further, HAYAT is available to the relatives of a radicalized person as well.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Germany)

Preventing Extremism in School’s and Children’s Services, Department of Education, UK

Beratungsstelle Extremisums

Austrian government supported anti-radicalization and anti-extremism helpine.


A charity that works to support families in their everyday lives, including issues related to violent extremism. They provide professional, non-judgmental support and advice in a way that all members of the family can freely access.

Child Net International

A non-profit organization that works directly with children and young, ages 3 to 18, as well as parents, teachers, counselors, etc.,to equip them to stay safe online.

The Active Change Foundation

Keeping children and young people safe against radicalisation and extremism

147 Rat auf Draht

Austrian-based organization with an online application for anonymous counseling, an anonymous chat, a database of frequently asked questions and answers, and a news section with current issues.

Educate Against Hate

A UK HM Government, Home Office, and Department of Education sponsored website that offers resources to teachers, parents, and other CVE practitioners to protect children from extremism and radicalization.


If you are considering militant jihad:

  • Watch our videos
  • Read our blogs
  • Take Action in your community to wage a real jihad — the Struggle to Live a Good and Moral Life

If you are an educator or counselor:

  • Share our videos with your students or people who you counsel
  • Use our study guides
  • Organize different events (page under development)

If you are a government or non-profit organization official working with radicalized individuals:

  • Use our videos to counter the extremist propaganda
  • Use our study guides
  • Share our writings on reasons not to join militant jihad



An Explanation

Islamist terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS have become an emblem of transnational “jihadism.” In recent years, ISIS alone has managed to inspire thousands of foreign fighters from across the globe to travel to the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

To this day, many of us struggle to understand and make sense of the reasons that caused such individuals to trade the comfort of their home for a rough, violent life and environment in Iraq and Syria.

Despite the serious blow that such terrorist groups have absorbed and suffered in the physical battlefield, global jihadist elements and ideologies continue to survive and pose a serious threat to the safety and security of our citizens worldwide. In fact, as witnessed recently, in addition to direct impacts of almost daily terrorist attacks worldwide, the influence and ideological potency of groups like ISIS trumps their military strength.

As researchers who have studied and chronicled the actions of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS for years, we firmly believe that this disadvantage can be at least partially reversed.

We are here to draw attention to the dangers emanating from such violent extremist groups. We are here to empower you to effectively respond to the challenges of radicalization and violent extremism.

From ICSVE-produced ISIS defector counter-narrative videos, to forums and blogs that discuss and undercut the religious basis for terrorist acts, to a frank discussion of real and perceived political grievances, to a clear call to action initiatives, this website draws attention to our collective efforts to fight the appeal of violent extremism—in all its forms.

Take advantage of these resources and your personal freedom of action to act as influencers to strengthen you personal and your respective community’s resiliency against violent extremism.

The Real Jihad


About Us

The Real Jihad challenges you to reconsider militant jihad, providing different perspectives and alternatives for those looking for purpose.