Nested under the Ministry of Justice, the Foundation was created to promote the integration of religious minorities, particularly by funding religious minority federations and communities to strengthen their cultural, educational and social activities, as well as supporting their institutional coordination.

Breve descripción general:
Anidada bajo el Ministerio de Justicia, la Fundación fue creada para promover la integración de las minorías religiosas, particularmente financiando federaciones y comunidades de minorías religiosas para fortalecer sus actividades culturales, educativas y sociales, así como apoyando su coordinación institucional.

Country: Spain

Region / City: Madrid

Organization Name : Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation (Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia)

Service Type : encourage the recognition and accommodation of religious diversity as basic elements to guarantee the effective exercise of religious freedom and the construction of an adequate framework of coexistence.

Contact Details
Fernández de los Ríos 2, 1st floor, 28015 Madrid.
[email protected]
(+34) 91 185 89 44

Contact Details for those Seeking Help:
Contact: [email protected]
(+34) 91 185 89 44

Areas Served, Languages Operating in: Madrid  (Spanish)

Type of  Organization : Government Body

Reachout Capacity : Regional

Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions: Cooperates with Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory.

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