GA aims at encouraging and strenghtening society in opposing all forms of violence, extremism and other destructive phenomena, thus contributing to the creation of a more positive security environment, which is a prerequisite for Euro-atlantic integration. GA carries out its own scientific research and publish it, empowering civil society via engagement with young people, women and minorities especially.

Kratak opći opis:
GA ima za cilj poticanje i jačanje društva u suprotstavljanju svim oblicima nasilja, ekstremizma i drugih destruktivnih pojava, doprinoseći tako stvaranju pozitivnijeg sigurnosnog okruženja, što je preduvjet euroatlantske integracije. GA provodi vlastita znanstvena istraživanja i objavljuje ih, osnažujući civilno društvo kroz angažovanje posebno mladih, žena i manjina.

Country: Bosnia

Region / City: Sarajevo

Service Type : Prevention

Contact Details:

Contact Details for those Seeking Help: [email protected]
[email protected]

Areas Served, Languages Operating in:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian, Bosnian and English

Type of  Organization : NGO

Reachout Capacity : International

Counseling: Conductiing scientific research and runnig projects at national and international levels targeting vulnerable groups

Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions: Partnership

Credibility (If Possible) who Recommends them: Internationally trusted and proofed credibility

BIH Get Help for Exiting Militant Jihad

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