Flamman Social Prevention Center (Flamman SFC) is an idea-based association. Today it consists of two legs, our meeting places for young people at Kroksbäck with usual leisure activities and a center with several different activities, all of which focus on creating better conditions for young people’s future at both local and regional and national levels. One of Flamman SFC’s success factors is our close collaboration with the city and the authorities. All of our businesses have a well-thought-out composition of business partners to ensure maximum output for the young. Through our partners, we also ensure that skills and knowledge are strengthened and we want all parties to benefit from the collaboration. All of our major operations are also linked to research and often have their own follow-up researchers who evaluate the work. Extremkoll is Sweden’s first digital platform against violent extremism and hate messages online. Extremkoll works to provide young people with knowledge and tools to resist extremist messages and propaganda online. Extremkoll operates through a digital platform with social media campaigns, informational materials and digital education for young people and professionals. Extremkoll is run by Flamman SFC and funded by the General Heritage Foundation.

Kort allmän beskrivning:
Flamman ungdomarnas hus was founded in 1997 as a youth recreation centre in Malmö, Sweden. Over the years the organisation has grown substantially and still operates a recreation centre for youths ages 13-20. In addition to this, Flamman Ungdomarnas Hus has developed into Flamman socialt förebyggande centrum – a hub with a devoted team that works for social development among youths.
At Flamman socialt förebyggande centrum we work to promote positive societal development through social projects. Our organization consists of a carefully constructed group with broad expertise and extensive experience in managing development projects at local, regional, national and international level. Here you will find project managers, political scientists, psychologists, conflict resolution specialists, behaviour scientists, economists, public relations officers and graphic designers. Together, we generate ideas and develop socially beneficial projects. We are currently managing several major projects in areas such as; Gambling addictions, violent extremism and radicalisation, exit programs from gangs and criminal lifestyles, mentoring programs, and equality and empowerment projects to name a few.
If you would like to know more about us and our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Country: Sweden

Region / City: Malmo

Service Type : Prevention, Education

Contact Details: http://www.flammanhyllie.se/

Contact Details for those Seeking Help:
Carl Gustafs Väg 40, 214 21 Malmö
Hyllievångsvägen 6, 216 25 Malmö
Mail: [email protected]

Areas Served, Languages Operating in: Swedish, English

Type of  Organization : NGO

Reachout Capacity : Local

Counseling: Supervising youth groups, delivering trainings, and running projects

Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions: Collaboration

Credibility (If Possible) who Recommends them: City of Malmo

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