Do you know who you are? Are you seeking jihad?

Perhaps you will also be called to defend Islam, Muslim people and Muslim lands. But be warned, my friend, not all jihads are ordained by Allah. Indeed, very few are legitimate.

Today’s terrorist groups would have you believe otherwise, but the real jihad is within your own heart and soul.

Do you know who you are? Do you know for what you were created? By whom you were created? What is the force inside of you for good? And what opposes this force for good? Will you make use of your force for good?

How? Where? When?

Do you know that the human being is the most wonderful and complex creation of Allah? Humans were made to excel over all other living creatures.

You are a being that thinks, chooses, acts, plans ahead and removes obstacles in your own way.

You are an integral part of the mystery of creation.

You are called to goodness.

In this call you will undertake a great struggle, one of the greatest struggles all men and women are called to— the greatest jihad.

The real jihad is the combat with the self in which you will battle to be loving, good, compassionate and kind.

You must overcome your base instincts for selfishness, greed, lust and harm to others. This is the jihad you are called to. Let us begin there…


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