Founded in 1998 in the Basque Country to combat ETA terrorism through speech, the Collective of Victims of Terrorism, COVITE, is an organization dedicated to the fight against terrorism and the prevention of violent radicalization. Among the victims’ associations in Spain, COVITE is the only one that has the “special consultative status” before the United Nations (UN). The Collective carries out its work in Spain and outside the Spanish borders. Its activity focuses on three fundamental areas: activism, dialogue and research.

Breve descripción general:
Fundada en 1998 en el País Vasco para combatir el terrorismo de ETA a través del discurso, el Colectivo de Víctimas del Terrorismo, COVITE, es una organización dedicada a la lucha contra el terrorismo y la prevención de la radicalización violenta. Entre las asociaciones de víctimas en España, COVITE es la única que tiene el “estatus consultivo especial” ante las Naciones Unidas (ONU). El Colectivo realiza su trabajo en España y fuera de las fronteras españolas. Su actividad se centra en tres áreas fundamentales: activismo, diálogo e investigación.

Country: Spain

Region / City: San Sebastian

Service Type : COVITE devises and promotes initiatives framed in activism with which the Collective promotes the ethical, social and educational delegitimization of terrorism.
COVITE encourages dialogue and collaboration between social and institutional actors on the national and international scene, whose work is part of the fight against violent radicalization.
COVITE develops and promotes high-level investigations aimed at contextualizing the terrorist phenomenon, preventing violent radicalization and building memory around those affected by terrorist attacks.

Contact Details:
Adress: COVITE – Apdo. De Correos 3358
20080 San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) (Spain)
Tel: 943 322 888

Contact Details for those Seeking Help: Tel: 943 322 888

Areas Served, Languages Operating in: Basque Region

Type of  Organization : NGO

Reachout Capacity : Regional

Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions: Cooperates with Ministry of Justice

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