The Tayba Association is an accessible, creative and innovative organization at the service of Spanish Muslims or residents of Spain, who exercise their representation in different areas. It seeks that these are citizens who know their duties and rights, and are willing to fulfill and demand them. He works so that the members of the Muslim community in Spain feel free to continue being Muslims without having to distance themselves from the rest of society. Muslims above all, but open to debate, criticism and development.

Breve descripción general:
La Asociación Tayba es una organización accesible, creativa e innovadora al servicio de musulmanes españoles o residentes en España, que ejercen su representación en diferentes áreas. Busca que estos sean ciudadanos que conozcan sus deberes y derechos, y estén dispuestos a cumplirlos y exigirlos. Trabaja para que los miembros de la comunidad musulmana en España se sientan libres de seguir siendo musulmanes sin tener que distanciarse del resto de la sociedad. Musulmanes sobre todo, pero abiertos al debate, la crítica y el desarrollo.

Country: Spain

Region / City: Madrid

Service Type : General counseling, Disengagement / De-radicalisation, Education and Training.

Contact Details:
Adress: Calle Juan de Arolas, nº 4- 28017 Madrid, Spain
[email protected]

Contact Details for those Seeking Help: [email protected]

Areas Served, Languages Operating in:
Spanish, Arabic, Spain

Type of  Organization : NGO

Reachout Capacity : Regional


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