– offers support and expert advice,
– take active and preventive measures,
– provide effective interventions,
– offers targeted workshops and customized training, and
– carries out in-depth analyses aimed at an efficient approach.
CEAPIRE believes in cases where the theological and ideological factors are high, to have significant impact theological and ideological counter-arguments should be leveraged in the right way, time and place. Accordingly, most people within the
spectrum of radical thinking and groupings in the first place take only the theological and ideological arguments as a reference framework. As a result, deep knowledge and experience about the theological sources and the history and methodology of terrorist organisations and Islamic political movements (also called Islamists) absolutely indispensable.

Description générale: 

– biedt ondersteuning en deskundig advies,
– actieve en preventieve maatregelen te nemen,
– effectieve interventies te bieden,
– biedt gerichte workshops en trainingen op maat aan, en
– voert diepgaande analyses uit met het oog op een efficiënte aanpak.
Het is inmiddels keer op keer bevestigd dat de meeste personen binnen het spectrum van het radicale gedachtegoed en groeperingen in de eerste plaats enkel de theologische en ideologische argumenten als referentiekader nemen. Hierdoor is diepe kennis en ervaring over de theologische bronnen en de geschiedenis en methodiek van terroristische organisaties en de islamitische politieke bewegingen (ook wel islamisten genoemd) absoluut onmisbaar.

Country: Belgium

Region / City:  Brussels Capital and Flemish Regions

Organization Name :  Centre of Expertise and Advice for Prevention and Intervention of Radicalism and Extremism (CEAPIRE)

Service Type : Prevention, disengagement/deradicalization, general counseling, education,

Contact Details:
Robert Schumanlaan 29/64
2660 Hoboken
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +32 (0) 489 33 58 36

Contact Details for those Seeking Help:
Robert Schumanlaan 29/64
2660 Hoboken
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +32 (0) 489 33 58 36

Areas Served , Languages Operating in:
 Belgium, English and Dutch.

Type of  Organization : NGO

Reachout Capacity: Ceapire is mainly active in the central European region, the Benelux, with a main focus on Belgium and the Netherlands.


Exit Programs:
R3 intervention
People who have been, are or were radicalised require intensive guidance. Traditional social methodologies do not have the desired effect on this group of people. The danger of a repeat, a collapse and hard-heartedness are very real when they are not properly guided during the detention period.
Radicalised people step away from the dangerous ideas and activist programs without giving up their faith. We use an R3 intervention methodology that was designed by Ceapire (physical and socio-psychological guidance for people who have been, are or were radicalised). We conduct these interventions within a theological framework using theological arguments.

Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions:

Belgium Get Help for Exiting Militant Jihad

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