The Center for General Welfare Work (CAW) helps people with all their questions and problems related to well-being. A difficult relationship. Personal difficulties. Financial, administrative, legal or material problems. Problems in your family, family or your broader social environment… CAW also offers help to victims and perpetrators of violence, abuse and those involved in road accidents and crimes.

Description générale:

Het Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) helpt mensen met al hun vragen en problemen die te maken hebben met welzijn. Een moeilijke relatie. Persoonlijke moeilijkheden. Financiële, administratieve, juridische of materiële problemen. Problemen in je gezin, familie of je ruimere sociale omgeving… We bieden ook hulp aan slachtoffers en daders van geweld, misbruik en betrokkenen van verkeersongevallen en misdrijven.

Country: Belgium

Region / City: Brussels Capital and Flemish Regions

Organization Name : CAW (Het Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk – The Center for General Welfare Work)

Service Type : Prevention, disengagement/deradicalization, general counseling, education, hotline

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Hotline with Hours Listed:
Toll free number: 0800 13 500
During office hours
In collaboration with the Flemish government, the prison system and the CAW Group, a specific 0800 number was introduced that detainees can call from their cells. By entering a code, they end up directly with the right care provider.

Contact Details for those Seeking Help:
Fill out the form here to find right contact:

Areas Served, Languages Operating in:
Flemish Belgium and Brussels

Type of  Organization: NGO

Reachout Capacity : Regional


Relations with Law Enforcement Institutions:

Belgium Get Help for Exiting Militant Jihad

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