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Kommon Ground Featured

Kommon Ground

Kommon Ground now offers free education to support teachers and educators and students, focusing on anti-democratic propaganda and its message in connection with radicalization and violent extremism. We see more detail on how young people respond to “fake-news” and how they operate in their own eco-chambers and how they get their information online through filter...

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Flamman Social Prevention Center Featured

Flamman Social Prevention Center

Flamman Social Prevention Center (Flamman SFC) is an idea-based association. Today it consists of two legs, our meeting places for young people at Kroksbäck with usual leisure activities and a center with several different activities, all of which focus on creating better conditions for young people’s future at both local and regional and national levels....

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The Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism Featured

The Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism

The Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism (CVE) shall, based primarily on crime policy grounds, strengthen and develop preventive work against violent extremism. The primary aim of the center is to prevent ideologically motivated criminality and terrorism in Sweden. The center is placed under the auspices of Brå, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention,...

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The Swedish Prison and Probation Service Featured

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service

The Prison and Probation Service has treatment programs in violence, relationship crimes, sexual offenses, crime as well as abuse and dependence. The Prison and Probation Service is also working with preparatory efforts to motivate the client to participate in treatment programs. After a completed treatment program there are efforts of reinforcing content. All the treatment...

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The Real Jihad


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The Real Jihad challenges you to reconsider militant jihad, providing different perspectives and alternatives for those looking for purpose.