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Responsible of Inmates' Education and Cultural Activities Logo Featured

Responsible of Inmates’ Education and Cultural Activities Ministry of Justice

 The main responsibility of the Department of Prison Administration [Dipartimento per l’amministrazione penitenziaria – DAP], which was set up within the Ministry of Justice by Article 30 of Law 395/1990, are to implement order and security policies within prisons and prison services and that concerning the treatment of prisoners and inmates, as well as of...

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Central Directorate of Prevention Police Logo Featured

Central Directorate of Prevention Police

The so-called “political police” has always been the most delicate moment of the complex activity of protecting security and public order, the point of the precarious balance between prevention and repression in the sphere of the fundamental freedoms of individuals and the community. So much so that the term “political police” has not been used...

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Confederazione Islamica Italiana Logo featured

Confederazione Islamica Italiana

The Confederation is a national organization that brings together 14 Islamic regional federations, in order to work for the coordination of all the places of worship adhering to it, scattered throughout the national territory, promoting the unity of objectives, projects and actions, as well as the dialogue between them with the Italian authorities at national...

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Agenfor International Logo featured

Agenfor International

Agenfor International, created in 2016 as an independent branch from the long stablished Agenfor Group, is the International member of non-for profit network Agenfor Group, specialized in participative security. Agenfor International’s goal is to ensure security through a better protection of human rights and socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other...

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EXIT SCS Logo featured


EXIT Social Cooperative Society (SCS) is a social cooperative that was created to design and manage social assistance services for the promotion and management of information, assistance, support, prevention in cases of abuse and psychological harassment in the workplace, family, community, gender, interpersonal, intercultural. The cooperative also operates with positive action measures to combat discrimination...

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