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The departmental evaluation groups (GEDs) were created by the instruction of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior of 25 June 2014. Their function was then clarified by several ministerial circulars, in particular circular INTK1824920J of 14 December 2018 on the new GED doctrine. Under the chairmanship of the departmental prefects, the...

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Following advice of the security staffs (EMS) and the circular issued by the Minister of the Interior on 29 April 2014, CPRAF (commonly known as a “monitoring unit”) has been established in each department, with the dual objective of supporting families who report a relative or of taking care of, in a multidisciplinary preventive perspective,...

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The National Union of Family Associations (UNAF), which brings together the family associations present in France, is fully mobilized in the prevention of radicalization. It sets up many local actions, around the use of internet and social networks. In general, UNAF, by virtue of the missions entrusted to it by law, plays four roles. –...

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Syrien ne bouge agissons

Syrien ne bouge agissons is a secular and apolitical association whose aim is to fight against “radicalization” through preventive actions in France and in countries that are victims of terrorism. It also aims to support and inform families suffering from the recruitment of their young people. The association “Syrien ne bouge agissons” was founded on...

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The PAEJs are “primarily aimed at adolescents and young adults aged 12 to 25 who are experiencing difficulties: family conflicts, failure at school, violence, delinquency, consumption of psychoactive products, etc.”. Reaffirming thus the State’s commitment to the prevention of risky behaviour by young people, whether the risk of desocialization or health risks. Reception is organized...

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The Schools for Parents and Educators, (FNEPE), support parents in their educational difficulties, particularly in the prevention of radicalisation through anonymous reception and a caring approach in schools. Daniel Marcelli, honorary president of the FNEPE and child psychiatrist knows how to decipher the psychological processes at work in the radicalization process, the first signs of...

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Coexister is an inter-confessional movement that enables young people between 15 and 35 years of age to create social bonds and promote better living together. Coexister currently has 45 local groups established in 33 cities in France, not counting the 10 groups we are currently supporting. Coexister groups are also present in 7 European cities...

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Those involved in specialised prevention are an essential partner. They use many tools, both individual and collective, to work with families to combat school dropout and the marginalization of vulnerable young people. The National Liaison Committee of Specialized Prevention Actors (CNLAPS), an association of associations and public services, is the only national network representing actors...

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Civic Fab

Fab is a civic organization that uses digital technology to support public interest projects and social innovations. We act online and offline, in the field, with young and/or vulnerable audiences. Our main initiatives are : “What the Fake” is an online initiative that aims to combat the manipulative (fake news, conspiracy theories) and extremist discourses...

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The Centre for Action and Prevention against the Radicalisation of Individuals is a secular and apolitical association governed by the 1901 law, financed by the State and local authorities.  Its mission is to inform and advise families and actors in the social or youth field, and to prevent radicalisation by deconstructing radical arguments and conspiracy...

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The Real Jihad


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The Real Jihad challenges you to reconsider militant jihad, providing different perspectives and alternatives for those looking for purpose.