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Finn Nørgaard Association Featured

Finn Nørgaard Association

The Finn Nørgaard Association of the 14th of February 2015 is a Danish charity, established by relatives and next of kin to Finn Nørgaard. In Finn’s spirit, the purpose of the association is to promote human understanding and dialogue. The mission is “to promote understanding and dialogue in order to counter conflicts like the one...

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PSP-network Featured


Country: Denmark Region / City: Copenhagen Organization Name : PSP-network (PSP = Police, Social Services and Psychiatry) Service Type : Multi-agency approach, Training for first line practitioners, General counseling, Education Brief General Description : The Danish effort in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism (CVE) is primarily organized in the SSP-network. The goal of the SSPnetwork...

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Sons and Daughters of the World Project Featured

Sons and Daughters of the World Project

S&D is not a deradicalization program. The goal is to create awareness with knowledge/ facts and to the point that the various parties (parents, mentors, teachers, socialworkers) get the help they need to stop this from happening. Kort Generel Beskrivelse: S&D er ikke et deradikaliseringsprogram. Målet er at skabe opmærksomhed med viden / fakta og...

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National Center for the Prevention of Extremism Featured

National Center for the Prevention of Extremism

The National Center for the Prevention of Extremism was established as part of the 2017 Pool Pool Agreement. The purpose of the center is to strengthen the Danish efforts to prevent extremism and radicalization both nationally, locally and online. The center thus supports preventive work among municipalities, regions, crime prevention cooperatives, educational institutions, housing organizations,...

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POLITI Featured


The radicalization hotline is a national hotline established as part of the implementation of the 2015 pool pool agreement on a strengthened effort to prevent radicalization and extremism. The Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing has signed an agreement with Aarhus and Copenhagen to be responsible for the establishment and operation of the hotline. Kort...

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