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Netwerk Islamexperten

In 2015, the Islam Expert Network was created to offer an alternative to radical Islam. As part of this schools would invite, for example, imams or teachers of Islam to speak to pupils, to guide conversations about Islam or to speak to individuals where there is a concern about radicalization, and to teachers to help...

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Radix-Team help with the implementation of Local Cells for Integral Security, which brings together local authorities, local police and social workers with the purpose of monitoring and responding to cases of radicalisation and it also gives information sessions on the phenomenon of radicalisation in all its different forms. Description générale: Sinds 2019 is het Team...

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CIRRA is a centre with highly educated advisors and experts in the area of intercultural reformation and islam. The centre has footprint in Belgian Flemish Region and Brussels in the domains of prisons, personal counseling and education. Through tailored interventions, the Centre aims to rehabilitate / reintegrate disoriented citizens and contribute to their personal development....

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CEAPIRE – offers support and expert advice, – take active and preventive measures, – provide effective interventions, – offers targeted workshops and customized training, and – carries out in-depth analyses aimed at an efficient approach. CEAPIRE believes in cases where the theological and ideological factors are high, to have significant impact theological and ideological counter-arguments...

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DERADIANT Logo Featured


According to DERADIANT VZW, a further follow-up after release from prison is necessary. That is why DERADIANT VZW provides advice and support with the necessary advice, support and follow-up of the deradicalisation process. The follow-up starts in the last weeks before the release and continues until a few months after the release.This guidance comes by...

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IDARA is an independent organization working from a European context which mainly specializes in all kinds of Islamic multidisciplinary scientific studies, annual reports on social, economic, political and media issues concerning minorities and or disadvantaged by both native and immigrant populations and their developments society near monitors. Description générale: IDARA is een onafhankelijke organisatie die...

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VVSG Logo Featured


VVSG is an active participant in follow-up and evaluation of “the “Flemish action plan for the prevention of radicalization processes that could lead to extremism and terrorism” which was launched in 2015 in response to the first signs of migrants to the war zone in Syria and Iraq. Local authorities are closest to the citizens,...

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BPS-BPV Logo Featured


Main responsibility to develop specific counter-radicalisation, prevention and intervention programmes rests with Brussels Observatory for Prevention and Security (BPS) in Brussels Capital region. The organization coordinates the security and prevention policy at the regional level together with the police, municipalities and civil society. In this regard, BPS: – offers support to municipalities, Brussels police zones...

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CAW Logo Featured


The Center for General Welfare Work (CAW) helps people with all their questions and problems related to well-being. A difficult relationship. Personal difficulties. Financial, administrative, legal or material problems. Problems in your family, family or your broader social environment… CAW also offers help to victims and perpetrators of violence, abuse and those involved in road...

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Bravvo is the prevention service of the City of Brussels, in charge of the fight against social exclusion and the feeling of insecurity. Based on dialogue, knowledge of others and mutual respect, Bravvo offers a multidisciplinary approach as close as possible to neighbourhood life. Radicalization Prevention Cell (PRE-RAD Cell) or the PRE-RAD Unit is part...

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